Top 25 Sites To Hire Great Freelance WordPress Developers In 2022

Before you hire a developer, it’s important to know how much it’s going to cost. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, you can get a good ballpark idea of what you’ll need to invest for your job or project. If you’re looking to hire a WordPress developer to have on-staff, reference section one for many of the qualifications you’ll be looking for in your new employee. When you write up your job description, include much of what was covered in section one. It is also in your best interest to ask for a portfolio or at least a list of websites that they’ve managed or designed in the past.

  • Luckily, you can choose a web help agency to make the process of getting the best developer simpler.
  • If Codeable accepts you, you’ll start a 45-day trial period.
  • You can always get a refund if you are not receiving the work as promised.
  • The site allows users to produce custom HTML sections and move them about the site, which adds to the overall degree of customization available.
  • With a dedicated outsourcing service, you can shift your costs up and down on a monthly basis based on the amount of work that you have.
  • To achieve this, and for future changes to the theme, you get login details to their platform and an always-online Skype channel.

You can also build continuity and develop a long-term working relationship, which can simplify things for you since a full-time employee will know your working processes inside and out. You get access to a team of professionals intimately familiar with the latest trends and best practices. There’s no need to train them because they’re already experts in WordPress and have worked with 100s of clients.

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For a comprehensive WordPress website design and development approach, Uplers contracts your work to offshore remote teams. Then they adhere to a fixed price model from start to the successful deployment of your project. The site hurries the experience with WordPress developers to their private websites. Once you’re in conversation with a developer, you reserve the right to determine contract terms. If this is too much for you, you can also just buy ready-made WordPress elements with lesser engagement with creators.

In Latin America, the average salary of a WordPress Developer ranges between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. In Eastern Europe, the average salary can go from $40,000 to $58,000 per year approximately. In other regions like Asia or Africa, the number lowers to $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

Depending on the design you created, make a list of experts needed to achieve every objective. WordPress platform is one of the most flexible, open-source content management systems and a blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL. It is one of the most popular choices of businesses and individuals to design powerful and unique websites. WordPress development is essentially the skill to design custom websites or web pages using the platform and the variety of custom themes and plugins it offers.

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The size of your site and the scope of your project will impact the type of WordPress developer you need to hire. Freelancer is a marketplace with a large number of registered users and total posted jobs. If you’re looking for an affordable option, Freelancer might be a solution worth exploring.

Should You Study WordPress?

You can find help with overall web design, plugin and customizations, and so much more. When you hire a freelance WordPress Developer on Codeable, the minimum you’ll pay is $60 per hour. Unlike the very open nature of People Per Hour and UpWork, these specialized marketplaces demand and require testing for all freelancers before they’re allowed to begin searching for work.

A sub-domain of the original WordPress platform website, this platform brings all the best developers together for you to pitch projects and work with. Maybe the most alluring thing about Envato as a platform itself is how each developer specifies exactly which element of WordPress development they excel at. Solely frontend developers often give better looking WordPress sites than all-rounders. A dedicated team – You can choose a web development team that will solely work for your project. In your project, you will need a professional to do the design of the website CRM. In simple terms, he will turn your design into a professional model.

Any of the following options will give you a top-of-the-line WordPress education and prepare you for your new career. With so many options, you are bound to find something that blows you away . Through the early 2000s, WordPress pioneered many web formatting features such as in-line images and previews, which contributed to its reputation for ease-of-use.

The primary reason people get discouraged and give up when they begin training is subject overload. The site allows users to produce custom HTML sections and move them about the site, which adds to the overall degree of customization available. WordPress allows site builders to monitor their day-to-day website stats. It features excellent analytical tools to help users understand their traffic. More importantly, most of these freelancing websites provide you great value for your money.

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On the other hand, you have to remember that you always get what you pay for; therefore, if you want to have a job done well, the lowest price should not be your priority. In my opinion, only on platforms that test the skills and knowledge of their developers, you can be sure of high-quality services and professionalism, but the choice is yours. The platform does not check every new candidate, so here are poor as well as excellent WordPress developers. The same service may cost you more or less, depending on the WordPress expert you hit.

find wordpress developers

In my opinion, is the most excellent choice if you want to get the best quality at a reasonable price. Let’s take a closer look at the platforms, as mentioned earlier. Especially if you have a business to run or a service to attend to. By the end of it, you’d get a pretty good idea of who’s the best fit for you and your business. Job Description – Be very specific about the type of work that you want them to perform.


When you find yourself hiring multiple (3+) freelance developers to fix one-off issues that come up with your website, this can result in a bit of a rat’s nest of code. Say you hire a colleague’s cousin or nephew to make a change that messes up the site. This issue starts compounding when multiple people touch the code of the site but don’t feel invested enough (or aren’t paid enough) to take the time to clean things up. And although you can hire a WordPress Developer at a lower cost, you could hire the wrong candidate without the right vetting and even waste money and time.

The hiring process is competitive in both talent and pricing. Customer feedback and recommendation percentage reveal how reliable each developer is before you engage with them. You can also filter WordPress developers based on their turnaround time, which helps with urgent project deadlines. This will help the developers deliver what you need, and a site useful to your business. Moreover, it will act as a tool to determine the experts you need for the project. We can call this a vision for your project, and this will help the WordPress developers figure it into the vision and actualize it.

Additionally, by hiring a WordPress developer, you’ll be able to add custom functionality to your site and have support with technical tasks, updates, bug fixing, among other things. A certified WordPress Developer specializes in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. They usually focus on the backend or frontend development of WordPress Sites by building custom WordPress themes and plugins. WordPress is an open-source content management system widely used by individuals and companies all over the world.

Ability to Meet Reasonable Deadlines – This is very important. You’d want someone who can meet reasonable deadlines set, barring any complications find wordpress developers or errors in the process. Ideally you’d want someone who can anticipate these problems as much as possible and set the right expectations for you.

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When evaluating WordPress candidates, make sure they know how to build responsive websites to improve the quality of the user experience. Power up your website with the best WordPress developer from DistantJob. We can help you find and hire remote programmers in 3 easy steps.

Some hires are much better talkers than they are at executing the details of your project. Also keep in mind that not one person who has had experience with hiring WordPress developers has ever batted 1.000 with their hiring decisions. If you’re on the part where you’re thinking about putting up a Job Post for potential WordPress developer candidates, here’s the most effective set of information to include. Each freelancer is carefully vetted to make sure that they are capable and experienced.

Here Are The Top 25 Sites To Hire WordPress Developers:

Especially for big projects where the budget is both huge and tight, you want to make sure that they have the experience and not using your site as a testing ground. The internet is full of resources, courses, even forums that you can use to learn WordPress and WordPress web development so you can have the skills to build your website yourself. But there still is a whole lot of benefit with hiring someone who is experienced in the field.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the big things you definitely need to know before you hire a WordPress developer. I hope these 11 tips will help you do your homework before finding a good WordPress developer. Please share your thoughts in the comments area below if I’ve missed anything.

It’s that along with the fact that WordPress is free to download and install. Do you feel like you are spending too much time perusing large job boards searching for developers? Perhaps you’ll have far better luck with job boards geared toward tech talent and expert WordPress developers. GitHub has a massive developer community as it’s one of the largest open-source online repositories for coders with years of experience in multiple programming languages. For a relatively small fee, you can post on WordPress developer job listing and gain exposure to GitHub’s developer community. Toptal is a matching service, initially created for freelancers and developers.

Every WordPress web developer needs to be skilled in HTML and CSS, as these are the core structures of every website. On the one hand, HTML is a markup language that works as the skeleton and structure of all the content displayed on the webpage. It uses tags to identify the types of content and what are its purposes on the web page. They can also build sitemaps, migrate existing sites to the WordPress Platforms, or focus on website optimization through SEO, among many other things. Stay in the know on the latest and greatest products and services in WordPress.

Consultation – Not sure if a WordPress website is what you need? WP Kraken also provides a call-in service to discuss and recommend best practices along creating business solutions with WordPress. At College Recruiter, you’ll be able to vet and interview, so if interviewing hires doesn’t sound too daunting, College Recruiter is a great place to search for entry-level talent. manages and replaces talent – with no risk to you – and back hours worked with a money-back guarantee.

What Is The Best Way To Hire A WordPress Developer?

Being labeled a “Pro”, designers on Dribble are part of a social network that crowd-review each other’s work. This makes it easy to discover the most productive and creative among the lot and makes hiring a WordPress developer so much easier. When you’re less attuned to search for talent on the platform, listing your project on the platform’s job board is enough to have you attending to a handful of proposals in no time. WordPress Jobs focuses on publishing WordPress-related job listings. So, like GitHub and StackOverflow’s job boards, it gives you access to giant developer communities.

To uphold quality, the platform only accepts developers with proven experience in WordPress development process. This makes it easy for you to hire a WordPress developer quickly. We’d also recommend Find Bacon because they offer subscription packs allowing for 10 job posts a month. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best places where you can learn the ins and outs of WordPress development. In our guide, you’ll find out which free sites can help you train to work with WordPress for a living.

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