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For decades, DeMARK® has been the definitive name in market timing and analytics. Bearish convergence appears when chart price accomplished a new Low, and indicator does not confirm a new extreme point. Signal for sale occurs when indicator values cross 0.7 from bottom to top. Indicator as overbought/oversold index with the areas showing exhaustion of price. If the indicator value is over 0.5, the period is suited for buying, if less – for selling. The farther is the value from 0.5, the stronger are the trend dynamics.

What is the best scalping indicator?

The EMA indicator is regarded as one of the best indicators for scalping since it responds more quickly to recent price changes than to older price changes. Traders use this technical indicator for obtaining buying and selling signals that stem from crossovers and divergences of the historical averages.

Unlike some other oscillators, DeMarker consists of a single fluctuating curve. Trading strategies usually require multiple technical analysis indicators to increase forecast accuracy. Lagging technical indicators show past trends, while leading indicators predict upcoming moves. When selecting trading indicators, also consider different types of charting tools, such as volume, momentum, volatility and trend indicators.

What Is the DeMarker Indicator?

demarker is an indicator similar to DM+ developed by Welles Wilder. First, the price difference High and Low prices for the current and past bars are calculated. Further, if the result obtained, respectively, is greater than the current values, then it will be taken into account when calculating the totals. Risk sentiment is a term used to describe how financial market participants are behaving and feeling. What traders choose to buy or sell means balancing how much they are… The DeMarker indicator is not popular among day traders but most professional trades use it. It is an easy-to-use indicator that you can use across other assets like stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

  • The indicator is derived by comparing the maximum and minimum prices that have been achieved in a certain period with those achieved in another period.
  • (Inherited from BaseIndicator T.)HistoryTimePeriodSet or Get time period, how long indicator save it’s value.
  • ThinkMarkets ensures high levels of client satisfaction with high client retention and conversion rates.
  • A better way of using this strategy is to use it as a way of validating other indicators like the Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages.
  • If the current high is smaller or equal to the previous bar high, zero value is registered.

If you use DeMarker complete with any trend indicator, for example, long and short moving averages, you can get excellent leading signals and weed out the majority of the «false points» . If you reduce the calculation period, the line turns out to be more sensitive, but reliability of the signals is lost. If you increase the averaging parameter, then the indicator DeMarker will display more global price movement, but the trade signals will be late. The market’s picture turns out absolutely different after changing the parameter of the indicator. The Williams %R (%R) is a technical indicator that reflects the level of the close relative to the highest high over a specific period, usually 14 days or periods.

Demarker Indicator

These specific parameters exposed still maintain the original form … In addition, you will receive 21 years of free historical data .


If you use periods of longer duration, when calculating the indicator, you’ll be able to catch the long term market tendency. Indicators based on short periods let you enter the market at the point of the least risk and plan the time of transaction so that it falls in with the major trend. When the indicator falls below 30, the bullish price reversal should be expected. When the indicator rises above 70, the bearish price reversal should be expected. Comparison of the extreme prices for the several previous periods increases the sensitivity of the DeMark indicator and reduces the risk of a wrong decision.

How to Use DeMarker Indicator

If indicators HistoryTimeManaged flag is set, this value equal to volume of buffers. If indicators HistoryTimeManaged flag is not set, than indicator store exact HistoryCapacity its values. The best combination of technical indicators is between the DeM indicator and the On Balance Volume. And as a stand-alone indicator, we can use technical indicator for trend following strategies.

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